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Walker Hydro Issues

Aussie12, welcome to Lawnsite. The first thing I would do is clean up the hydro in an attempt to determine where the oil is coming from. There is a gasket under the plastic cup or as was suggested, the cup could have a crack. Generally, the seal for the input shaft will not leak unless there is excessive play in the input bearing. To test this, remove the hydro belt and grab the hydro pulley and try and rock it from top to bottom or side to side. There should be no play. If there is play, the input seal and bearing are bad and can be replaced in the machine. The other place fluid can leak is the lower control shaft. This seal can be replaced in the machine as well. As for the PTO box, you have to bring it up toward the top of the machine and once it clears the frame, you can bring it out through the right side. If that box is leaking, I would bet that it is either cracked or a seal is bad. The top and bottom halves can be swapped if you have a cracked case. New case halves are not available. If the seals are bad, the bearings probably have too much play in them which would require a replacement box. I have seen boxes with hairline cracks from excessively worn drive shafts as well, so if there is a crack, check your drive shaft for excessive play in the ujoints.

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