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Walker issues

Originally Posted by Aussie12 View Post
Ok thanks for the speedy replies. The model is MTGHS, the serial is 41377, I think it was made in 2000, it is powered by a 20hp Kohler engine and it has almost 2500 hrs on the clock. (thanks Ruben and Marc)

I removed the PTO today, up and out (thanks Eric) sounds easy when you say it real fast :-P ... I cleaned it all up and will be replacing all the seals tomorrow, the bearings were all pretty good just a little movement in and out, it was only leaking on 1 seal but all seals have worn grooves into their shafts, I was thinking of putting HTB grease inside all the seals maybe it would hold the oil in better or maybe it will just melt and mix with the oil anyway, what do you think?

The hydro seems to be leaking at the lower control shaft, I took the nut off and tried to leaver the arm off with a screw driver but it didnt move and I ran out of time. What is the best way to remove the arm and seal? The whole bolt there moves considerably when pushed in and pulled out, probably 3mm of play is that normal?

Thanks, Les.
Aussie, if the seals have worn grooves on the shafts, it is unlikely that new seals will help. At one time Walker did specify a grease rather than the 90w oil that is currently in the boxes. That might buy you some time but it is a temporary fix at best. As for the control shaft, you need a puller to remove the shaft once the nut is removed as the control arm is held on to the shaft by a taper and a key. Once removed, you need to take a small pick and get the old seal out as it is recessed slightly. It is easier if the mower is up high as on a lift. I checked the control shafts on our machines and they have some play.
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