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new equipment help!

hey guys, new to this forum but have been cutting grass for 12 years, all through high school. i have had the same equipment for 10 years, i have had between 10-12 yards as a weekend thing forever, but now im starting to get more yards i have 18 now and my equipment i think is holding me back from growing. i am in the market for a 36" walk behind and either a 52" or 60" ztr. i am almost positive and i have settled on the exmark turf tracer 36" hydro for the walk behind! the only thing im uncertain about is what ztr to buy. i'm inbetween the bb predator, exmark lazer z or scag wildcat. i take exceptional care of my equipment so anything commercial grade that i buy is gonna last. my grandpa taught me when i first started my little business, its better to go a little bigger than you need, because its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, plus i feel the equipment strains less and lasts longer. im indecisive on these 3 points on my ztr. 1 air cooled vs water cooled? i have never owned anything but air cooled, but i heard that water cooled last up to 50% longer. 2 deck size. its either gonna be a 52 or 60. a friend of mine told me on a ztr, wherever you can get a 52 you can fit a 60, true? what about quality of cut? 3 and engine size. i was thinking about the 26 hp kawasaki lc on 52" deck or the 35 hp big block on a 60 deck. i will be using my ztr at my ranch that inherited from my grandpa, its 34 acres. i would really appreciate any and all comments because i really research stuff and there seems to be alot of good stuff out there in the commercial scene
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