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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
i mow alot of residential lawns, have 8 in one neighborhood. I dont have any large accounts, i just figured that the 36 tt hydro would last forever plus it fits through gates, right? Sure beats my 21"airens. Got lots of yards with gates i have 1600hrs on my mtd vanguard, i have put it through hell, imo, hydro is the only way i will ever go. Where i live at all of the big accounts are taken by the two main companies in my town, but im hoping to grow. I live in texas, lots of hard to cut grasses down here, plus people are cheap sometimes and say "i think i can make it another week" etc. So whenever i get a ztr, i want something that im not gonna have to double cut. Sometimes the grass is 12 inches tall, my 42" rider makes me work too hard
i hear ya man,im lucky i guess, the only gates i have are big enough for my 61,s to go through, i dont really use the 52 for anything besides my house, dont even own a push mower let alone a w/b. Good luck with w/e you decide, i would go bobcat though..
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