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Yes, $2600.00 is a CHEAP mower. Actually, that price gets you a mower that is awful close to junk quality. A mower that is designed with a useful life of MAYBE 500 hours, if you treat it carefully.
And, yes, every person who wants to mow thick, tall, lush grass with it will have a struggle on their hands. This machine is designed for very light mowing conditions. No effort was spared to cut costs on these machines to make them CHEAP enough to sell at the big box stores.
This mower compares to the Cub RZT, and Troybilt machines, and a host of others sold at the big box stores to unsuspecting customers.
As they say, "you get what you pay for"
I fell sorry for you, or anyone who has bought one of these CHEAP machine with high expectations that it will cut nice and last a long time. They will do neither.
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