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Originally Posted by Cloud9Landscapes View Post
Looks good! But I do have a prejudice against those NDS pop-up drainage emitters. IMO a french drain system should always be ran into a gravel pit like a drywell or a cesspool. Ideally it should be ran to the street where it can drain into the gutter. That is not always possible due to existing hard scapes.
Ya, in this case there is no way that I could have gotten to the street. The area all runs down hill and the top of my wall drainage would have been somewhere around 20 inches below the curb.

There is some crazy drainage in the neighborhood. There is no sump pumps in the houses in the area (which is unheard of around here), and there is drain tiles running in between each house.

I did add extra holes in the end of the pipes of the pop-ups and put 6 inches of rock underneath them.

I seriously doubt that the wall drainage will ever pop up the drain, but the other one for the downspout is a gusher. It is all the water on that side of the house. It would take at least a 50 gallon barrel sized pit to hold all the water that comes out there.

I do know what you mean though, I personally don't care for them either, but they do come in handy in situations like this.
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