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Where to start. I may have made a mistake. We will see. As my posts and photos show I WAS a really happy camper. NOT today. A few days ago the surging came back with a vengence. In addition the front left of the mower deck started pealing paint. Not a little paint but about 2" by 10". Big air bubble. Called dealer and took it back Monday for repair. Got a call that the carb is bad and they would have to order one. They do not know what to do about peeling paint / rust on deck. I haven't heard if they are going to try and
fix it or replace the deck. I am not a real stickler but am concerned about a brand new (expensive to me) machine that has to have the carb replaced after two weeks and the deck repainted / repaired. What is your opinion? I did send Pj in the Hustler forum a measage a couple days ago but have not heard back from him yet.
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