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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
i mow alot of residential lawns, have 8 in one neighborhood. i dont have any large accounts, i just figured that the 36 tt hydro would last forever plus it fits through gates, right? sure beats my 21"airens. got lots of yards with gates i have 1600hrs on my mtd vanguard, i have put it through hell, imo, hydro is the only way i will ever go. where i live at all of the big accounts are taken by the two main companies in my town, but im hoping to grow. i live in texas, lots of hard to cut grasses down here, plus people are cheap sometimes and say "i think i can make it another week" etc. so whenever i get a ztr, i want something that im not gonna have to double cut. sometimes the grass is 12 inches tall, my 42" rider makes me work too hard

that's what is good about a can vary the speed you are going depending on the height/thickness of the grass....for some reason people seem to think you have to go full throttle all the time...don't be in such a hurry all the time...i mean seriously...if a yard takes you 45 min instead of the usual 40 min what's the big deal? is more important than quantity...some people don't understand that though

anyways there's lots of brands of ztr's but look...they all pretty much have the same engines and such...kawasaki or kohler for the most part...a few hondas....if you cut huge yards that are 2 acres or more wide open grass it might be worth it to get a 60"-72" mower but most of us don' a 48"-54" is fine....personally i don't have any yards with small gates on them...most have the wide gates so i can fit through them all depends on the yards you may get a customer that has a small gate...then you gotta decide is their back yard small enough to just cut with a 21" mower or is it really big so i'm gonna need a 36"'s up to you
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