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Originally Posted by dvgross View Post
Always love advice, thanks. When you say household oils, can you tell me what works the best? Most lawns in Colorado are Kentucky Blue. Thanks again.
Just a can of regular oil you can get at HD for 3 or 4 bucks. Can't think of the brand I used....just all-purpose oil. Keep it wet while you're drilling. Once the first level of the step bit goes thru, it's all easy from there. Each step will punch thru quick after that. Mark the step you want to stop at with a sharpie, that way you have a line you can see while the bit is spinning. Cake.

Ky blue....sweet, love that stuff. No wonder you get such good stripes. We don't have much of that around here, and what little there is in the spring gets killed off quick when our hot, humid summer kicks in. Good luck
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