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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
its hard NOT to think it isn't user error, even with so many people have problems.

i mean come on you put it in the tank, turn it and snap it down. no problems whatsoever.

i am very pleased with the caps and hope they stick around for a long time. and as i've said before i just wish my blower had that cap. it's a br400 so it has the old style screw on cap. as soon as i can justify the br600 i'm getting one. mostly for the added power but the cap will be a bonus.

i refuel my blower once a day and the trimmers and edgers multipul times a day. i have had no issues whatsoever. i do notice the o ring swells in the heat making it a little snug but that just means it will hold the fuel in that much better.

people can have there opinions but mine is that these caps are a great change. if i could convert the blower and my one edger to this style i would in a heart beat......
You are either lucky or just kidding. When you have to use vice grips to remove the cap because it is swollen . How many threads do you see devoted to people hating the old screw on caps? 0
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