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I would never hire a sex offender or an ex con.

1. I have to do my part to put the best possible person on my customers properties. If I am in any way endangering them or their children I'll shut my doors.
2. I work from a shop on my property and would never want people like that coming to my house let alone my customers.
3. In Ohio you have to register your work location also which goes on the list that people run when they are looking to move near you. A guy across the st. hired a sex offender and it pissed a lot of people off.

We like to "house" people in the US jail system because we are not allowed to punish people anymore. Punishment for a crime is no more. Now the felons have more rights than law abiding citizens plus we get to foot the bill. We don't really discourage people to not go to prison. These guys go there and see their friends do their time then start the whole process over again. Go to prison for stealing.. lose a hand.. bet you won't be back. Sexually assault someone's daughter? Lose some other parts... good chance you won't be on the re-offend list anytime soon.

To the point. No I don't hire them.
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