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Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
How about this story? Should he get a shot at the NFL?

Guy made a very poor decision at 16, and will live with it forever. But has owned up to it every step of the way. Could be an NFL player except for this one poor decision. It's a long article BTW.
I have a lot of opinions on this overall topic that I will get to in another follow up post (yep, I think that highly of myself!)..But I did want to address this particular case. I read this article earlier in the week and personally I think it's another sympathy piece from ESPN that upon further analysis isn't very true. For starters, the nfl has a nickname commonly referred to as the National Felons League for a reason, it's the biggest billion dollar business you will ever find that willingly hands out second, third, fourth and fifth chances to criminals. Leonard Little, Pac Man Jones, Dontae Stallworth this is just a short list of people who have all been directly or heavily involved in the death of someone else but still were welcomed back to the league.

My point is, if this guy were really as talented as the article leads you to believe he would be in the NFL. In fact, if he were talented enough to start on any NFL team he would be in the league. The bottom line is it sounds like the story of a guy pursuing a dream that he probably just isn't good enough for, but conveniently ESPN found a storyline that made it appear he was being blackballed. Espn regularly paints problem players as the victims and isn't a firm stalwart of accountability. If this guy was a pro bowl talent he could have slept with his sister and followed it up with a dui manslaughter count and still been in the league. Me personally, I don't know anything about the guy or his background. I have heard a lot of excuses made for him about his "life" which granted I have never walked a day in his shoes. That being said, I can't imagine ever looking at my sister in a manner that leads me to have sexual feelings towards her and im not sure I want to understand that.
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