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Now for the original topic response. I can't help but believe we are a country that everyday takes a firm step backwards in relation to accountability. At the end of the day though, in the real world outside the media sympathy, generally you are screwed if you decide to walk the path of a criminal. Granted, white collar crime is often much more accepted, that being said im not really sympathetic to people who knowingly put themselves in bad situations.

By in large, once you have a felony or significant blemish on your record then you have a lot of proving to do outside the realm of saying your sorry. Unfortunately, most "2nd chancers" rarely believe in this approach and for the most part our country fosters their lack of accountability. If you are a former criminal and you are given a 2nd chance, you better knock my socks off with your new found work ethic, attitude and overall eagerness to be a great employee. This is rarely the case and often times it's the small business that ends up paying the price.

I find our handling of criminals and the collapse of the manufacturing and production side of our country very similar. We became to lazy as a people to realize the importance of manufacturing in our country. We decided it was cheaper to let someone else do it and we could wash our hands of the tough part of business. Ultimately, there will come a time where we can become held hostage by a large portion of the world because we don't have skilled labor for manufacturing, we don't have any factories and we have basically given up on all resources. As a country, we are the middle man to success and riches. Eventually everyone cuts out the middle man.

My correlation between these two points is, our country has become to lazy to hold people accountable. We are scared of the ramifications of telling someone "this is the real world, nobody gives a damn about how hard your life has been and it surely doesn't justify you being a criminal". So to quit my blow hard point, I don't feel any responsibility to provide someone with a 2nd chance. But if they put themselves in a position to prove me wrong, then I certainly would be rational about them being a part of my company. It's their job and responsibility to find that way to get their foot in the door.
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