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Originally Posted by FIMCO-MEISTER View Post
Clockwork Orange rehabilitation.
One very interesting discussion I had with my daughter in England is the difference in criminal rehabilitation. Murderers get out in 10 years with a full opportunity to get back into society. A farmer killing a burglar gets sent to prison. She never came to appreciate the CLOCKWORK ORANGE novel until she moved to England. She is so accustomed to TX justice which is lock em up or fry em assuming they aren't killed by the victim first. She prefers TX justice.
I read BBC news every morning and am always surprised by English leniency. They also have serious gun control and the cops don't carry guns. They reintroduce criminals into society with different identities, instead of trying to identify them they try to give them a new start.

Your daughter may have mentioned the case of the 12 year old boys that raped and killed the 6 year old and the subsequent result?

I don't know the stats, but wonder what their rehabilitation rates are? I wonder how their murder, crime, and drug rates compare to ours?

I am not advocating leniency I am advocating rehabilitation. All these advances in technology and we can't figure out how to rehabilitate a criminal?
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