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Firstly, Your lawn ornaments are nice, don't waste your time thinking about
what one Yahoo's opinion of your ornaments is.

You can certainly add on tom your existing pond by either digging your
pond next to your existing pond and dropping the wall between the two
ponds about one foot as we did or seperating it and placing the new pond
where you want.
We have a seperate 200 gallon biological pond 18 feet away from our existing pond.
The two ponds are connected via underground tubing.
If you look at this video, you'll see the biological ponds waterfall in the back
(located to the left of the walking stick tree) in the beginning of the video and at the end of the video.
Also keep in mind the dog leg section of the pond (the 1998 add on section of the pond) is 6ft w x 13 ft long.
That is the part that was added on with only a one foot drop connecting the two ponds.

Click this link to catch a glimpse of the pond located 18 feet away
from our existing pond...It's got lots of tacky lawn ornaments too!

I'm sure Tadpole can help you figure this out better than I can. I just want to
give you confidence that it can be done by either hiring a pro or taking it on
as a did a good job so far.
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