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Originally Posted by lawnjocky View Post
" did you notice any scalping with the 52" decks? " No. That is another reason the guys like them. I might buy a third one this fall if the price is right. And we will be demoing the 61" mowers when they come out. We like these so well that as someone else said the riders are done. We demoed several and Scag was the best. They just need a bigger fuel tank. I do not hesitate recommending the 52" Scag mowers to anyone.
That is awesome....that's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Thanks for the review!
Originally Posted by BestImpressions99 View Post
Scag has been on my "to demo" list, but I'm going to be upgrading them to a definite.
Definitely check it out. Well worth it. Scag really did a good job on this mower. Where else have you seen a thread where everyone has something good to say about any machine? lol
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