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Originally Posted by Toro 44 View Post
I would take it out and try it. And drive a good distance, not just a couple feet, with the controls firmly against the index bar, both forward and both in reverse. See what happens. If you go in circles in forward or reverse or both, note what direction the circles are in, right or left. Determine all directions from the operators position facing forward.
TORO44, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I backed-up with the two control levers pressed against the index bar. I moved them simultaneously, there's a slight (maybe a foot) straight reverse motion, then it wants to back up to the right forming an approximate twenty-foot circle (counter clockwise as viewed from above). Performing the same test in forward results in a pretty straight line (the surface is not absolutely perfectly flat so there is some slight adjustment required after several feet...but it does not want to drive in a circle) There is a marked difference between operating forward and reverse, the reverse motion definitely does not operate equally between left and right.
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