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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
Boy they are selling a bunch of those V-ride in our area. I see them poping up on the bigger companies. They are having a little problem with the hydro fittings but that seems to be getting fixed with upgrade hardware the local shop is installing. The increase in efficiency is what is often discussed.
I am about 5-6 hours north of you and our dealers do not even have any in stock. T.O.P.E. is the distributor for my area and when I asked one of the dealers about a demo a couple of months ago they told me the distributor did not have a demo machine yet and they would probably have a 48" later in the year [so I guess I need to check back]. I still have some large places where my Hustler 31/66 is nice but I do get a sweaty back and swamp butt so I think the V-Ride would still give me good production and I could also use it on some of residential that do not need bagged with the Walker but the Hustler is really too large and heavy for.
I will say when I was doing demos on new mowers back 07 and 08 that the Scag Velocity deck had the best all round cut but I went with the Hustler for the ride and handling so if the V-Ride is more comfortable then it just might be a great match for me.
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