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Originally Posted by SNAPPER MAN View Post
I personally like the more formal look of not planting random. When they grow together they will look awesome. There spaced about 10" apart. The maintenance will be a pretty good money maker. But on commercial maintenance the profit margins are small than residential. Ya the trailer has been used since day one. No sense in buying it if we ain't going to use it.
I agree, I am more of a pattern guy myself as well, but I have seen some "gods of landscaping" on this site take guys to the cleaners over planting in patterns. I say if it looks good, it looks good, no need to infuse a bunch of complicated-ness. 10" is good spacing, they will look great when they fill in. When I plant color I try and find plant stock that has already bloomed pretty full so that it has instant impact to the landscape when they are planted.....but I imagine you had a hard time finding such plants this late in the season, at least for summer annuals. Glad to see the trailer getting dirty I wouldn't let it sit either! Lol

Did you say you could get 2 ztr's, a wb and a stander on that thing? My trailer is 16' as well and I just can't see all 4 of those on there at once lol. I would love to see a pic of that setup 'wink wink' lol.
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