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A few questions

Hey guy’s. I am thinking of joining the club and starting out too. However, there are some things I did not ask before. I would be very late to the game as I am in my upper 40’s. I travel a lot with my current line of work. I’m gone for several days at a time but home almost as many. I miss a lot of important days; birthdays, Christmas….well many others also. So looking to get dirty but stay at home and sleep in my own bed. I see several guys on here that seem to be young and starting out, but what about not so young? Anyway here are the questions.
What’s the plan as far as you’re working for years and then you retire? Do you plan to have made a boatload of money so you can just stop? At what age…how long can one keep this up? At some point, do you just count on your employee’s? I’m just not sure how long I could keep this going starting so late?
Also, could some one give me an example of what the commercial properties pay; let’s say a bank or something like that? Using the same amount of grass to be cut as a res lot. Comparing apples to apples. Could you make double, triple? I just don’t know.
Anyway, thanks guy’s. I’m just trying to see if I could, should or will try to make a go of it. I almost started at the beginning of this year but then moved in April and never got going if any of that helps.
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