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I am young at 22. Just started 4 months ago and have 19 regular customers. I plan on running a crew out of a box truck within two years. Commercial properties in my area pay in general between 60-260 for a half acre woth of grass. Generally you can bid a little more on commercial properties than residential. I have lost some this way though too instead of just sticking to my hourly rate of 55 dolllars per hour.

You need to ask youself how long can you do this kind of work then evaluate your buisness goal and see if it is reasonable. Anyone that has some common sense can for sure be running a crew withinn ten years of busisness start and be making a ton of money. I have had some damn good jobs. And this is the best thing I have ever done with my life. Best money I have ever made also. I usually make around 50 bucks an hour after expenses. Who else do you know that makes that much an hour? 5o answer your question about retirement. By the time I get to that point I plan on having a crew that I can trust to bring in a steady income for me.
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