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REDMAX Trimmer BCZ3000S REDMAX Backpack Blower EBZ8001 SE MICHIGAN

Redmax Trimmer BCZ3000S S/N 40406689

Redmax Backpack Blower EBZ8001 S/N 700643


Both stolen off my trailer over labor day weekend (no less) approximately Saturday September 4th night-Sunday September 5th morning.

I can't believe someone would steal another man's tools that he uses to make money with and support their family let alone over labor day weekend. The low lifes cut two of the locks on my trailer and off they went with my hard earned equipment. This has been so upsetting that I swear this may be the last straw. Between working for peanuts, loosing customers left and right (at no fault of my own or my company), business responsibilities due to and over-active government, and having things stolen I'm just about ready to throw in the towel. I hate to have other people ruin this for me, but the risk is outweighing the rewards of owning a business. Thieves beware if I catch you next time I will shoot your a$$ with a 12 guage and not think twice.

If anybody has any info on any possibly stolen redmax equipment PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!

(586) 321-5217
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