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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
Oh ya, I know where Tinley Park is. That is where I saw my first concert back in 97. It was the Lolapoloza tour and Tool was the headliner. Got to see Devo too, that was a riot.

The burbs are about a 2 hour drive and to get closer to downtown it's about 2 hours and 45 minutes if the traffic is light.
Yeah..haha lol..kool the kiss concert was just last friday.i didnt go my parents went.ok..thanks Nick.yeah i know next year in spring we will need some work for our house my dad wants to change stuff long as you dont mind coming up here..i know with gas.yeah thats what i was thinking at least 2 hour drive.ill keep u updated and will tell u like march time.we wont plan on it.until late spring.i could do it.but i dont do landscaping really.just cut would mnot like to mess with it.well its taking out the plastic edging we got all in the front and around the whole side of the house and there is a little in the back.and we want paver type edging..thanks Nick.sorry for the long reply.
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