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Side discharge improvements?

Hey guys, this is my first post, and I have a couple questions.

I'm "that neighborhood mower guy" but I still have a decent amount of mowing to do. I run a gravely pro turn 152 and It's great, absolutely no problems, and the quality of cut is ridiculously good. The one problem is that the mower shoots the clippings over a 6-8 foot span (a good thing... usually) and when the grass is long (which it usually is, since I mow once a week) the clippings cover most of the grass, and the striping kit I purchased doesn't even make an impact. I know gator blades are supposed to chop up clippings more when side discharging, but I'm using high lift blades to get the best stripe. Is there any compromise between the two? I don't have anywhere to put the clippings, so bagging is not an option, and I would prefer to side discharge rather than to mulch (I've had bad experiences with mulching.. grrr!) Is there anything I can do to keep the stripe and cut down on the amount and size of the clippings? If so, can you give me the type of blades that would fit on my mower? Thanks a lot.
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