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I'll take some more pictures to post when i get back to my shop. What do we pics of? Crank, rod journals and rear main?

The factory rep is claiming that my stator messed up causing an electromagnetic field that caused the crank to run to one side and chew up the bearing surface. There is some damage to the magnets and stator which i believe occurred after the main failed and allowed the crank to walk to the side, therefore allowing the stator to meet the flywheel in an unfriendly manner. I'll have to file a disputed warranty which involves me shipping the engine to kohler on my dime and having them take a look at it in 1 to 3 weeks and letting me know whose fault it was.

My issue is this. If an electromagnet field was created, how would it retain enough polarity with flywheel spinning at 3650 rpms to cause oil failure to the front main? It's horse crap, they are trying to get out of the warranty. What happened to the front main was due to lack of oil - plain and simple - probably an obstructed oil galley. I am just mad i couldn't spend 2 hours of my work day standing in the shop watching them retrieve whatever was plugging the oil galley and reducing the oil flow. Then laying this electromagnet BS on me.
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