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Originally Posted by timberattler View Post
What do we pics of? Crank, rod journals and rear main?

Yes, That would be helpful.....

I've got a few years on piston slapper, As he stated it's un-clear what failed causing this bearing failure. But, I've seen many many magnets come loose and get wrapped up in stators. I've never seen one wear a bearing on one side such as this. I just don't see how it could happen without loss of power (magnet to stator rubbing) and a lot of racket going on while running.

This electromagnet deal the rep is talking of may stem from issues Kohler was having with poor grounding PTO clutches, They would seek ground through the crankshaft and PTO bearing causing a bearing failure. I don't recall hearing anything about a issue such as this with the stator or flywheel end bearing.

Sounds like the guy that looked at it and his rep need to go back through Kohler's failure analysis course.
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