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Originally Posted by Capemay Eagle View Post
Very good looking ride. Best of luck with it. I have never demoed a Ferris since I don't know where a dealer is. The closest one I knew of was in Delaware which is not far, but I would have to take a ferry to get there, just a PITA. I did however see one the other day, it was the second one I have ever seen in this area, so there may be a dealer around here now.
It has been said on this site many times, "Buy the Dealer"!
I completely agree.
Thankfully, I have the dealer about 7 miles from my house and since I have a trailer that can handle my machine, I have the perfect situation!

I just mowed a 2 acre (guess) field behind our church which was taking them about 3-5 hours on the rider they have. I wanted to play a little more as well as get the field ready for a picnic tomorrow. It was complete joy! I finished in just about 1 hour, but it could have been sooner except I had never mowed there before and wasn't sure of the lay of the land. Also, I had to zig zag through the pavilion tent already set up for the festivities. It was a blast! I cannot say enough about my Ferris! Except perhaps "Thank you God!"

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones on this day 9 years ago!

Ferris IS2000Z 52" / 25HP KAW

Jeremiah 29:11
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