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trash pump system pointers....i just used mine for the first time

I just got my system together and sprayed about 1/3 of my driveway yesterday. I bought LN-11 (gilsonite) from Seaboard out of Md. Had it delivered to my local sherman williams. Anyway....started spraying yesterday (600+ foot driveway) and the product doesn't seem to be going very far.

I've gone through like 8 5-gallon buckets and only got about 10x150 feet done. The can says 100 sq ft per one 5 gallon bucket should have gotten me 10x50. ??? 8 should have gotten me 10 ft x 400...most my driveway right??

I just realize I might spend about $750 in sealer...and guys were offering to seal my driveway for that (so they must buy in bulk or were going to spray diluted sealer). So can you help w/ my questions if you use a trash pump system.....

1. Spray seems heavy and not a smooth uniform spray.....should I change tip??

2. Should I dilute the gilsonite even though it says not to.

3. Should I just spray faster and let the coating "spread"....or spray every area until totally covered (then it's real thick).

I'm going to offer AE also and hand spread that for the little driveways I expect to seal. Sealmaster told me to go with AE and stay away from Coal Tar.

PS...the gilsonite works great...I don't know why it gets a bad rap. Except for the loosers selling diluted stuff.
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