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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
We did one about 20 yrs ago, maybe more, at that time hot tubs were not real popular and putting them inground was unheard of at the time. With nothing to go on we went about installing one in a berm probably about 3 feet into the ground. We built up a pisa stone wall around the perimeter and set the hot tub sinside that. The bottom was just granular stone. I think it was two years later the owner called to say that his hot tub was floating and part of the pisa wall was opened up! Of course we had forgot to take drainage into consideration and never suspected that water would accumulate and actually lift the hot tub.
I don't think you are thinking the same idea as what i am. but funny story, lol floating hot tub, did you tell them that was extra charge for the customization.

What i am talk about it not just putting a hottub in the ground the way you said. What i am talking about is making a custom hot tub, that is in the ground the same way as a fiberglass pool, and has the look of the natural hot spring.

I have a job for next year that i am installing a pond, kind of like the fish ponds you see in most peoples back yard, but i am going to make it into a swimming pool but it will be just like going swimming in a pond. I am looking for an idea that is somewhat the same as that, but for a hot tub.
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