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I personally dont care what the customers think to them I can be a broke lawn boy but at the end of the day I know what I make. Alot of them dont understand what you actually make and what it costs to run a busniess depends on the job. As far as mowing they think you dont make nothing probally because you only make $40 on there yard but in the end you do 15 a day your making $600 minus costs making 2,000 to 2,500 a week bring home. But when you do mulching and make $1000 off a job or so they think you made too much but they dont understand ur employee's get paid and your bills insurance trucks everything else you barely make anything. But alot of people do think since your a landscaper you are living in a trailer and broke but its not true not me yet although I dont like to admit what I make I say Im always broke Im over 6 figures but I know alot of other companys who clear a few million a year minus write off's and I always love when I will go to bid a job every once in a while in my hummer lol or when I am going to check up on some guys at a job then they start to wonder or then they think I am making too much its better to just let them hate on you and think your broke I can care less they can sit in there homes saying look at them out there in the heat all sweaty and dirty carrying them block omg that would suck but half of them over spend them selves of there jobs fall threw or are so far in debt that they are worse than you are!! let them hate on you and you make your money. When my customers ask if I make a good living I saw I honestly dont know By the time I pay workers and payments and what not I dont know is there is anything left esp with people who never pay or are slow too. Every day when I leave I know I am making $65 an hour plus I make around $40 an hour on every employee so you do the math?
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