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Originally Posted by J. Peterson Grading View Post
I am planning on using an auger on one of my excavators to punch out the holes.

If I am supplying the trees, I am planning on doing some sort of a warranty on them, but I think that the company that we are bidding for will end up supplying all the trees and plantings.

I am planning on punching out the holes with the auger, throw in some fert, place the tree, backfill with some topsoil (Since the area we might work in is all fill clay) mulch, stake and water. Any extra watering will be done by us for a fee.

Alls I need is a number to start with. It doesn't take us all that long to plant a tree, so that $150 number seems super high. but then again, I did ask for numbers.

If you do warranty the trees, you can normally figure on 10% or less needing to be replaced. So make sure you factor that into your per tree cost.

I'm fully aware that $15,000 to plant 100 trees may be a bit high...depending on your market, but $7,500 is cheap. You're making money in your business - you'll figure out a price that keeps that trend alive.
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