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Originally Posted by J. Peterson Grading View Post
I was asked to bid some finish grading and seeding today for a new business thats going in close to my house.

Well, as always the conversation turns to what else can I do for the general contractor thats in charge of this project.

The project has roughly 100 2" trees to be installed into the parking lot islands and around the whole property in general.

My question is, since I was asked to bid the tree portion of the project as well, what do I charge per tree to plant them. Just the planting, not the cost of the trees them self.

I have an employee that thinks we should charge half of what each tree costs to plant each tree. But, the general has asked for a per tree install cost, since the new business itself, sells trees and might want to supply them to us at thier expense

Does any of this post make any sense?

3 guys, excavator and tractor whould be able to plant stake and mulch 100 2" trees in less than three days. Put your numbers to the time and see what you come up with.
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