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Paver Install Time Question

Ok, this question is pretty vague but was just curious and it is NOT about pricing. Lets take a 300 sq ft patio project. Easy access and no real material movement problems. What is your average time frame for an installation like this using all the right tools/machines? Again this is your perfect install conditions, if you ever have them! I don't offer paver installations but would like to attempt a patio at my own home. I've done courses/seminars but not too much actual hands on. Want to see how much longer it takes me (oh and I am sure it will be much longer) than the average hardscaper to complete. Maybe for those of you who have been doing this for a long time, look back to when you started and even now. I'm sure I'll be getting asked by a certain someone "Well how long is this project going to take you!!!" so I want to give somewhat of an answer.

Some specifics might be:

8-10" Ecavation
6" deep (crusher run) base
1" sand
multiple shape paver (Unilock Brussells Block)

Any help/ideas appreciated.

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