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Originally Posted by CaptainPike View Post
I don't think I'm even going to do it. I'll call the lady and give her the number of another local guy.

It's so high there is no way I'll be able to make it look right.

I was just curious what other people would charge.

I'm getting tired of people like this calling me to be honest. This lady makes a point to tell me that she's on social security, and her crippled son lives with her. And she needs me to do it because the last guy won't show up anymore.

What a pant load. She's probly really just looking for a cheap one time cut and I'm not going to give it to her.
Theres a reason he won't show up anymore, she waits 3 months to call for service and wants to be cheap about mowing waist high grass. I would pass.
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