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Test drove a 450 Grizz last night. I liked it. Size wise it felt similar to the Sportsman. But had a different ride feel to it. I kind of liked it. Felt a little more responsive. The dealer I drove it at would sell for $6599 however a volume dealer a little further away that I've heard great things about quoted me $5850 for the same quad. So right now that would make teh Grizz $450 more than the Sportsman 500 HO.

Also looked at the 550 Grizz. I realy liked that. It's the same size as the 700 only with a smaller displacement engine. Cool thing about it was that it had both Fuel Injection and EPS. Priced at $7100 though

The volume dealer quoted me $6250 for the 450 with EPS so that would be a $400 upgrade to Power steering which would come in handy for snow plowing.

Decisions decisions................

One other quote I got was for a Suzuki Kingquad 450 AXI for $6100. Cool thing about that would be that I'd get both FI and EPS for only $6100. Admittedly though I don't know much about Suzuki quads and I'm kind of hesitant.
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