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I have my business insured through my auto insurance agent so he is aware I am using my car for business. I will follow up with him because I honestly hadn't considered that, I feel like he would have said something though so it may not be an issue.

The trailer upgrade is something I know I need to do but until I get jobs that require both riders I am going to try to make it work with what I have. The walk behind is something I agree I need too but again budget is limiting me at the moment and I still need to get workshop built in my backyard so I can reclaim my garage for cars again. I also need to look at a truck soon. Do you think I need a full size truck to pull a 16' trailer carrying up to 2500lbs? I have a friend selling a 2003 S-10 but it only has a 4 cylinder engine and I am not sure it will be enough. Right now I am pulling with my mercedes E350 sedan which gets me some snickers driving down the road but its all I have at the moment. The cars power is more than enough to pull 3000lbs but I admit I look ridiculous pulling a mower with that car.The real kick in the nuts is I had a 2007 F150 last year and sold it because the gas was killing me commuting to downtown Charlotte everyday at 12mpg. I wish I had thought about the business then and I would be set but whats done is done and the wife will kill me if I trade cars again so soon.

As for the skills, I know I have a ton to learn yet but this forum holds a wealth of knowledge and I plan to lean on you experts as much as I can to help my business. I also purchased Seans guide which I must say is worth way more than he charges for it. Taking care of my own yard and my parents properties, including Dads rental properties has been a hobby for years and I truly enjoy working outside. Everyone has to start somewhere and currently only offering lawn care, not landscaping services I do feel confident to deliver quality service and my 9 customers so far have been very pleased. My helper has been a crew manager for some larger LCOs in the area too so his knowledge will go a long way. Thanks for all the tips guys. My hope is to build this up to the point I can make IT my side job and run this business as my full time job. On that note, since you all have been so helpful for me I would like to extend advise on IT services if anyone needs help setting up a webpage, email, dns management, etc. Wish me luck!
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