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Originally Posted by kilgoja View Post
haha this is funny because i just did a yard today...they only wanted the front yard cut and the grass was like a foot tall...didn't want any trimming or edging or blowing off....and wanted to pay $20 for me to do it lol.....i gave them a bid of $40 at first since i was thinking of doing trimming and all but eventually did it for $25..took maybe 30min to do it.....a one time cut i'm sure....i don't like those kind of customers but i'm not full yet so i have time to do it...eventually i want only steady all season long customers....if i get to that point then i will turn away people like this
I can get away with turning customers down because I'm only mowing part time. Long as I have my full time job I'm good.

I'm getting pretty good at detecting bad yards over the phone. But the story about the lady being on social security.... that seems like total hog wash. She lives in a very nice area where most people have in ground pools and every lot is 3/4 to a full acre. I'm not buying the poor poor pitiful me routine.
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