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At $30 you may not get the job. Here's why I think that. I just bid a job 182 homes in a sub-division and I bid them at $20 a yard and had 3 other companies bid it at $12.50, $14.00, and $15.00. Now I thought I was at the low end but apprentaly not. Now 2 of them are "fly-by-night" companies and the $15 is a smaller company but a good one. Now after talking with the board and president I may get the job because I was the only that break down the job on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis as to what we had planned for the property. I also offer weekly reports and 24 hour emergency service. Also the other guys bid the trees at $85 a tree and I bid them at $40 each. Also they asked to bid rock for all homes and the two fly-by-nights said they were not able to do a job that size and the other good company bid it at 2,000 tons at $80 a ton. I had it at 1092 tons at $80 a ton with a payment plan with interest broken up in 4 month payments. Gotta get creative to make people feel comfortable. I think if you wanna be competitive you need to be around $20-$25, nature of todays beast.
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