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Originally Posted by A1lawncaredfw View Post
Thanx for the good, the bad & the ugly advice.

I came up with $1100 - $1200 if my brain if properly attached.
I figure I'll run a 5-6 man crew. 3 guys on 21", 1 guy on the edger & 1 on the trimmer. Oh BTW for you smart guys yes that is 3 guys on one 21"
Can you picture that? LOL thanx again guys! One day i'll move up to a 36", one day. Speaking of that whats a good used 36" walk behind scag or exmark run?

I want one that I can hook up that lil 2 wheel trailer dolly thingy to that you stand up on.
I gave around 3k for a TTHP 48" 4 years ago, still going strong, although it might be close to it's end. and the term you are looking for I believe is a velke.
I'm a Stihl handheld guy, with Toro push mowers, no brand loyalty on bigger mowers. You couldn't pay me to own a Ford or Dodge.

My business provides quality lawn care, but more than that, we offer even higher customer service.
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