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Originally Posted by jkephart View Post
I have been helping a friend spray lawns for the last couple of years, and that's about all the lawn spraying experience I have.
I do have another good friend that is getting out of spraying and he is just going to mow. I am going to buy his yards. He told me he would be more than glad to help out with the first year.
When you say "help", do you mean you only did spraying or did you mix or estimate or choose the chemicals or what? If all you did was the application, what do you say to a potential customer that asks about your experience?

Why is the friend getting out of the spray biz? Not making money? If that is the case, how will you make money? You're going to buy his yards? What if the client chooses not to "be bought," do you still have to pay your friend?

Maybe my cynicism will be helpful.
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