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Originally Posted by soloscaperman View Post
Johny you went a little too far. Quick books is very expensive. Quick books is not tailored to landscaping as much. You don't know me I have built my business basically by myself from knocking on doors years ago, working on equipment by myself, to billing all by myself. How many guys can say that? Most have there parents or there wives help them out (no offense)
Well the comment above wasn't necessarily directed at you even though it was worded so... Didn't mean to offend you there

But I'm not feeling you when you say it's expensive...The link I posted wont go over 100.00.

second, it is tailored to small business in general that is who you are there is nothing (literally) nothing that the software you speak of can do that Quickbooks can't.

The only thing that makes it look more tailored is the way they label their windows. They use lawn Care lingo in there software instead of accounting lingo.... If you ever use Quickbooks you will quickly realize just how cheap these other software programs really are...

The version I run has company templates for Lawn/landscaping companies... I do it all myself as well, it's a bit*h.....

Again, no pun intended.....

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