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Originally Posted by Alan0354 View Post
I own the Maruyama BL8100, love it. I paid $389. It is the lightest big blower around and is the quietest. Very comfortable to wear.

Echo has proven that they have been coming out with reliable products even when they first come out. That cannot be said about other brands. But being a very conservative person, I still would hold out my judgement until I see people are still excited about the PB770 two years later. That's just me. Shindaiwa used to come out with bullet proofed products until the EB8510 which proof to be a bomb!!!
I think this is basically the same engine they have been using for about 10 years. If I remember right , it is the same engine that is in my Echo 650 that I have had 8 years and still runs.

To the person that asked the price, I do not know what they run at a dealer. I bought mine off a Lawnsite member that bought several at a open house earlier this year and sold some. I paid 425 shipped to me. The reason I bought from him, besides the price, was because our distributor T.O.P.E. were not releasing these to their dealers till some of the 755 stock went down [or so we were told]
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