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i try not to turn anything down. if the pay is right and my equipment wont do the job. il go rent the equipment i need, , or sub it out and make sure i still make a profit, even if its not much of a profit its still extra money, and the word will spread that beachtown can handle anything. i just received a invitation to bid from a neighboring city to clear 6 lots fully overgrown, way past mowing and brush hogging, i mean land clearing dozer work. i have a 48'scag-32'toro-21'toro, no way i could do it.. but wait a minute there's a sun belt rentals down the road i could rent a dozer for !$1750 a wk. and i have a buddy that owns several dump trucks and a loader that will haul and dump for x amount of dollars . I'm going to do the math and make a bid.

don't let a overgrown lot stop you.. if its over grown and needs a brush hog? rent one.. or sub it out and charge accordingly where you still make a profit and close the deal.. your CAPTAINPIKE nothing can stand in your way but yourself.
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