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No offense but that's my opinion. There are always thread's about who likes what software. So your telling me the people that don't like Quick books suck at running a business?? I can't understand your upfront rude comment theories but you don't know how I run my business. Kind of stupid to judge someone's business ethics over a piece of software. Are you having a bad season or are under 18 years old? Well it's late and I don't want to waste my time typing to someone that thinks there always right.

I have feeling someone helped you with your business starting out. Does it suck thinking that without them your nothing? Just thinking as if I was you.
" There is no wrong way on getting new customer's if you have a good long term plan."

"Money & Power leads to Greed and usually ends with Corruption."

" I don't blame our industry to be looked down at because most of the people either couldn't keep a stable job or were criminals."

" A LEADER will always have more haters than a FOLLOWER."
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