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Originally Posted by Hardscaping View Post
You guys are ridiculous and saying that a 300 sq ft patio should take 3 days with 3 guys.

maybe if it was some intricate design then i could understand, but come on, 90 man hours to do a 300 sq ft patio. to dig and install base with two guys it should take no longer than 5 hours with a small skid steer. with a regular base of 8 inches, at 300 ft you only have 8 yards of material coming out and 8 going in. if you cannot move 16 yards of material with a small skid steer within five hours then you really need to get some training on how to use you machine.

Just yesturday i put 15 yards of topsoil into a backyard within an hour and half as well as spread by myself. So with two guys and a skid steer you cannot move that much within five hours and compact it, then you should rethink your labor.
300 square? A little over 2 days with 3 guys, no skid or mini-ex or pad to tear out. If your guys can't hand dig and haul a 300 square patio, you may need new guys. Machines tear up the yard, feet don't.
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