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Originally Posted by kilgoja View Post
what if he doesn't have a crew?...and he is a one man show...then it's probably gonna take 30 min to do it so he should charge for that time
Well even more of a reason not to charge, then his customer may realize he doesnt have to charge because he has no overhead. Listen, do what you think is the best deal for you and your operation. Its hard to say to do something when I have know idea how you run your company. Im just saying from my prospective when a customer wants something extra and expects to pay and I knock it out and they never see a charge, well they appreciate that either now or maybe later. One of my crews called today and said "Hey the customer left a huge pile of oleander's that he cut up on the street side, its alot, did you want us to take it?" I said, "Go ahead and load it up and dump it at the shop, its friday we wont need the space anyways." Well sure enough I get a call from the customer thanking me and how much he appreciated it because now I saved him a trip to the dump on his saturday off and now he can keep his truck clean. He said to send him a bill, and I told him not to worry about it, that I appreciated him using us. He reponded, "You will be our company for many years, we are very happy with you" Now thats funny he would say that because just about a year ago we re-landscped his backyard and I was ready to drop him and he was ready to fire me, funny how taking a pile of debris away changes someones attitude.
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