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Any info would be great / Contracts

Ok, well hello all im new to the site.
Im currently in the process of purchasing a lawn buiz from a family member.This will be my first buiz.I have been in the profession for 4-5 years thou working for someone else.

This buiz is a great deal in my eyes.Comes with trailer,(1)60 or maybe its a 61 inch bob cat rider(less then 500 hours),(1)Kinda of a junker walk behind,(2) shindawia 260 whips,(1)shindawia stick edge,(2)redmax eb 6200's,plus many other little things all for around $4500.O and also 29 residential accounts.

Well my question is He does not have contract with about half these accounts.The accounts are nice accounts ranging from $20-$90 per cut.And i would like to keep these.I would like to get them to sign a contract with me so im guaranteed to keep them. He has had most of them for over 3 years, no contract.So im not sure how to go about this.I Figured maybe i would cut them a few times and show them how good my work is and then try to get them to sign.I have cut most of them before and i know i can make them look beautiful.He really didnt get to much in the stripping and straight as an arrow lines.But thats all i have been about for the past 5 years.So i know they will like my work.

Any suggestions would be great.And i will honestly appreciate it.
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