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Question on when to collect and pay taxes on plants

I am in Ohio. I have been asked to install some shrubs and trees for one of my clients in Ohio. The client had some shrubs/trees die and wants them replaced. This is not what I normally do - I usually only do maintenance services. I don't want to turn it down for another company to come in and install over the top of my servicing. I need to purchase them at the wholesaler because I cannot find the plants at a retailer. I have always purchased retail for customers so I do not have to deal with the tax. Then I charge my client a fee for my shopping service and let them pay for the plants from the nursery receipt.

1- However, to purchase the plants wholesale what do I need to present to them? A Vendor's license? Or is a Service Vendor's License enough?

2- If I am "installing" the plants, do I even charge sales tax or is it covered on my service tax?

3- Do I need to hold a license in every state I purchase in? Which seems crazy since I am not installing in the same state I purchased the goods. Plus that would be impossible to pay Ky and Oh a cut....sorry if I sound confused but I am.

4--If I purchase wholesale in KY and install the plants in OH how do I handle the tax reporting, who do I pay the tax to?

Any and all help would be appreciated!
The Garden Nanny
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