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Originally Posted by mysteryman View Post
You're probably on to something regarding the quality of the straps. I recently purchased a similar strap at Home Depot, and it was made in the USA! I was shocked that such an item would be sold at Home Depot and would be made here. Maybe you can recreate the experiment with those.
the best ones i have ever purchased were actually off of ebay. the seller is no longer operating on there but i payed at least triple of what i paid at the flea market and those ebay straps lasted 10 months or more before dry rotting and lasted well over a year before they snapped. they had been used to hold a tarp on my shed roof so they had been stretched the entire time. i don't forsee the need for such high quality at the moment but if i ever do buy the best again i would prolly do the same test over again just to satisfy my own curiousity if nothing else
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