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Originally Posted by CLARK LAWN View Post
you need a service vendors license to buy wholesale, you buy tax exempt and then collect the tax from customer. you are also going to need a nursery dealers license, yes you read that right. dont try to get out of the sales tax thing it must be a separate line on your invoice. i guy i know ended up out of business do to sales tax. ( he never collected or payed the state, got caught and they went to the day he started his biz and assessed it on everything he made. with interest and penalties he was over 100K in the hole to the state)
clark is 100% correct....buttttt I can buy them for you and charge a small mark up + tax..... PM me with what you want and I can get ya prices and product...

Licensed...bunches of em.... Nurserymens license went up to 125$ from $75... a-holes!
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